Come Get You Some (Shrimp Poutine)


The Flaming Fish is here to blow your taste buds away again! Check out our new Shrimp Poutine!

What Is Poutine?

Poutine is a dish that originated in Quebec in the late 1950’s Consisting of french fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy, this piece has long been a staple in Canadian cuisine. Several restaurants, including Le Roy Jucep, Le Lutin qui rit, and La Petite Vache, claimed to be the inventor of the dish, but no consensus was made. A favorite version of the story is from Warwick. A truck driver wanted something hot to go, so Fernand Lachance combined hot fries and cheese curds, and proclaimed “Ça va faire une maudite poutine!” or “It will make a damn mess!”

No matter where it is from, this dish is perfect for the chilly, Canadian (and Buffalo) weather. With an abundance of potatoes in Quebes, as well as the wide availability of cheese curds, it is only natural that it became a popular dish. This dish was originally consumed in “greasy spoon” type diners, and pubs. They were also available roadside and at hockey arenas. Nowadays, poutine is found in all types of restaurants.

How Is Poutine Traditionally Made?

The basic recipe involves three ingredients

  • French Fries
    Usually of medium thickness and fried so the inside is soft and the outside is crispy
  • Cheese Curds
    Fresh curds give the desired texture. You can also use melted cheese of any type
  • Brown Gravy
    Traditionally a light chicken, veal, or turkey gravy that is somewhat salty and mildly spiced. Gravy should be substantial, but thin enough to filter down the mass of fries and cheese. Many places also offer vegetarian gravy to cater for those who do not eat meat

What Makes The Flaming Fish Different?

Our poutine takes the classic taste and brings it up a notch. While still keeping true to the nature of the dish, we have switched cheese curds for shredded cheese and included shrimp and peppers into the mix. Find out for yourself why our poutine is already a big hit at the Flaming Fish Food Truck.

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