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Food Trucks in Buffalo

Since Lloyd began their food empire in 2010, the food truck scene in Buffalo has exploded. Over the years, legislation was created and debated. As the media coverage and our appetites increased, several brick and mortar restaurants expanded into the world of food trucks. We have undergone a street food revolution, with hot dog stands and pretzels being overpowered by gourmet and unique meals. These trucks are elaborately decorated and, most importantly of all, they are mobile. With over 50 food trucks in the Buffalo area, you can find anything from coffee and cupcakes, to mac and cheese and burgers. Now it is easy and accessible to obtain high quality street food, quickly, without going into a restaurant or through a drive thru.

 How do you find a food truck?

To start, there is Larkin Square. Every Tuesday from April to October, there is Food Truck Tuesdays. There dozens of food trucks come together. People can taste from their favorite trucks, try a new truck, listen to music and have fun. Folding chairs and picnic blankets are allowed in the event and there are even hula hoops for those inclined. And there is beer, wine and other beverages.
Another event is Food Truck Thursdays at Niagara Square. If you are downtown between the hours of 11am and 3pm, pop down to Niagara Square. These events run from May to September.
You can also always check your favorite truck’s  Twitter or Facebook feed. A lot of times the truck’s owners/marketing team/public relations team will post about where they will be for the day. They will also post if they are at specific events that are open the the public around Buffalo.
Plus, some food trucks will cater events. So, if you want your favorite truck at your event, contact them!