For The Love Of Fish

Friday’s and fish fry go together like peanut butter and jelly, coffee and donuts, fish and chips. One thing we can all agree on is that Buffalo loves its fish fry. This Friday tradition has become a major staple in restaurants, bars, and food trucks like us! Even though you order your fish fry time and time again, have you ever wondered about the fish being used? When it comes to other proteins like bacon, steak, and chicken, you can probably list multiple facts. But what about haddock, where does it come from? Why is it used for fish fry? How is it caught? Let’s dive into some facts about haddock and find out what makes this fish so fintastic for Fridays!

Where is Haddock Found?

Haddock can be found all along the North Atlantic ocean ranging from North America, Northern Europe, and North of Russia. However, the largest findings of haddock can be found off the coast of Finland and Iceland in the North Sea.

How is Haddock Caught?

Haddock is harvested multiple ways ranging from longline fishing consisting of hooks and bait, to the more commonly used gillnets and otter trawls, which act like a giant parachute to catch the fish! (We bet you didn’t think you were going to learn about otter trawls today, did you!) 

What Makes it Great for Fish Fry?

This lean protein is perfect for fish fry due to its flaky and tender texture. It has a slightly sweet taste that keeps the fish tasting light and fresh. Haddock has a thin layer of connective tissue that can help keep the filet intact while breading, battering, or broiling, making it a perfect option!

What’s the Difference Between Haddock and Cod?

Both cod and haddock are cold water fish that can be found in similar regions of the world. They also spend most of their time on the bottom of the ocean giving them the nickname “groundfish.” However, cod are slightly larger than haddock, with a thicker and larger flake to its fillet. Haddock have a thinner fillet giving that perfect ratio of batter to fish. Flavor wise they are very similar, with haddock having just a bit more fish flavor and cod a little more on the mild side.

What is the Best Side for Fish Fry?

This one we will let you decide! With traditional options like coleslaw and lemon, to french fries and macaroni salad. No matter what side you go with you can never go wrong with a fresh, light, and flaky fish fry on a Friday evening in Buffalo–or any day!

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