Get Hooked With Catering By The Flaming Fish

Do you have a private party coming up? Parties are fun and all, but the aftermath is horrible. Preparing enough food for all of your guests, worrying about having too much or too little, it can be a lot for even the most experienced chef. That’s where we come in! Let the Flaming Fish cater for your event or party.

Why should you cater?

  1. Save time by letting us handle all of the cooking and food preparations. We will even deliver it straight to you!
  2. Catering with us makes you look cool too! Impress your guests with awesome food options such as Shrimp Po’boy, Fish tacos, and other items from our menu. If you can’t find a certain item on our menu, feel free to ask about our specialties.
  3. Not only do you save time, but you can also save money! Buying all of the ingredients can be a hassle. On top of that, there is the cost of equipment to cook the food and how you are going to decorate and plate the food. We will handle all the prep work and deliver your food fresh and ready to eat!
  4. Give people options! Not only do we serve seafood, but we can cater to everyone needs! Whether you are a seafood lover or vegetarian, we have options for everyone.
  5. Put your mind to ease. Don’t worry about when the food should be ready or how far in advance you should start preparing. We will make sure that you will have your food on time for your event. You can enjoy socializing and having fun, instead of stressing yourself out.
  6. Save your energy! Cooking for a crowd can be challenging because you will need plenty of space to cook and equipment. How will you have the time to do all of that and entertain your guest? Save time and energy by contacting the Flaming Fish about your next private party or event.

We offer lunch, dinner, and party catering delivery services! Whether you need us to deliver lunch to your office or provide dinner for your family gathering, count on The Flaming Fish to deliver everything on time and as fresh as a clam (no pun intended).

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