Stay Warm With The Flaming Fish

Our food truck is up and running!

After a much-needed vacation, it’s time to start serving all of your Flaming Fish food truck favorites again! Beat the cold and warm up with the Flaming Fish!

Are you craving a Fish Hoagie or a Shrimp Po’Boy? Or stuck with microwavable meals or leftovers from last night? Well, you’re in luck cause we are here serve you quality seafood. Our food is freshly made and served hot. Stop by, and grab a delicious meal for a reasonable price! Find our exact location on our calendar and catch us all around Buffalo. Don’t know where to start? Well, every Wednesday we will be at Roswell Cancer Institute and every Friday you can catch us at City Hall for lunch. If there are any changes we will notify you either from our Twitter or Facebook.

We understand that Buffalo can have harsh winters and it can be a pain to go outside to get food. Our first priority is our customers, and we want you to enjoy your experience with us as much as possible. Don’t have a lot of time? Beat the crowd, and the cold, by ordering ahead of time! Simply call us at 716-279-9725 and we will have your order ready by the time you hear your stomach rumbling.

Not only you can order ahead of time, you can also cater with us. Save your time and energy cooking for a large group of people.

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