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The Health Benefits of Eating Fish

Fish is a very important part of a healthy diet. Not only are they sources of a lot of crucial vitamins, but they are also high in protein and low in saturated fat.  Before deciding on what to have for dinner tonight, find out some of the benefits of eating fish!

Fish Are High in Important Nutrients

Fish is high in many important nutrients that most people don’t get enough of. This includes protein, iodine, and various vitamins and minerals. Fatty types of fish (tuna salmon, trout, sardines, and mackerel) are particularly high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. This important vitamin functions like a steroid hormone. 41.6% of Americans is deficient in Vitamin D. Fish and fish products are the best source of Vitamin D, with fatty fish containing the highest amounts. Fatty acids are crucial for your body and brain to function optimally and are linked to a reduced risk of many diseases. Eating fatty fish once or twice a week will greatly increase your omega-3 and vitamin D levels and improve your health.

Fish May Lower Your Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes

Fish is generally considered to be one of the best foods you can eat for a healthy heart. Omega-3 fatty acids help to protect the heart from erratic and potentially deadly cardiac rhythm disturbances. They also help lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve blood vessel function, and lower triglycerides. Many large observational studies show that people who eat fish regularly have a lower risk of heart attacks, strokes and death from heart disease.

Fish Contain Important Developmental Nutrients

It is recommended that expecting and nursing mothers make sure to eat enough omega-3 fatty acids as they are essential for growth and development. Specifically the fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid assists in developing the brain and eye. However, mothers should stick with fish that are low in the food chain (salmon, sardines, trout) and eat no more than 12oz a week because fish are high in mercury.

Fish May Help Prevent and Treat Depression

Depression is characterized by low mood, sadness, decreased energy and loss of interest in life and activities. Studies have found that people who eat fish regularly are less likely to become depressed. Controlled trials found that omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial against depression and increase the effectiveness of antidepressant medications. This means that fish can literally make you a happier person.

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