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Tips for Opening a Food Truck

So you want to start a food truck? Great! With so many unique food trucks around Buffalo, there can never be enough! But what sets certain food trucks apart from the rest? Before purchasing your truck, there are a few things to mull over. It goes way beyond having the best menu out there. Here are some tips for opening a food truck.

Food Truck Aesthetics

It has been said to not judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, no one wants to visit a boring food truck. Your food truck is what people will be searching for when they are in a hungry search for your delicious food. It better be eye-catching and easily recognizable.

As children, we were taught to be wary of strangers. We were also taught to be wary of white vans. Most food trucks start out as a white van before they are spruced up. You can’t blame people for being cautious about getting food from a sketchy van. That being said, sketchy vans with great food can still get a small, loyal fan base, but it will be harder for them to get new customers. Your food truck will get boatloads more hype with an enticing food truck design!

Decorating Your Food Truck

There are a few different ways you can take to decorate your food truck. You could get a vehicle wrap, which is the most expensive option but looks awesome! You can also DIY your truck and paint your own eye-catching, and interesting design!


Social media is a pretty big deal. Nowadays people are hooked to their online accounts. It is important for any business, not just food trucks, to implement an online presence. This will allow them to reach new audiences, develop brand awareness, and have a greater relationship with their customers.

For a food truck, using social media is an easy way to share our location! Since we are always on the move, posting our schedule online is an easy way to let you know where we will be. With regular updates, new customers and returning ones will know where we are, if we have to cancel, if we’re running late, and what some of our favorite menu items are! Social media also allows us to interact with you! We love seeing your posts and comments on our Facebook page! Most of all, we enjoy knowing when our customers will be visiting us!

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Because of the nature of having a kitchen on wheels, it can get pretty cramped. With the lack of space and having to churn out food quickly, food trucks usually have limited menus. But this is not a bad thing! A smaller menu means less decision making for you!

However, we understand if you get bored after ordering the same three things all the time! This is why we have specials. These specials are not normally listed on our menu and change weekly! Adding different menu items not only gives your customers some variety but also lets you experiment with new items! Let your culinary genius run wild and try something new! If a dish doesn’t do so well – no problem, you can just try something different.