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We’re back

After some much needed rest and TLC for both ourselves and our truck, we are back and ready to serve up some flaming good meals! We know it’s been tough, but come find us and get your much needed shrimp poboy, fish taco or flaming combo fix!

Wait? You don’t know where we are?

Get hooked and check us out on Facebook and Twitter! There not only can you see our latest updates, but you can also find out where to catch us for lunch or dinner!

Social Media not your thing? We also have a calendar!

We already have a ton of dates on our online calendar and we are going to keep updating them! Who knows? We could be parking our truck near your home, office or school!

But wait! There’s more!

Second Truck


Our fleet has expanded! Now you have double the chance to reel in your favorites from The Flaming Fish!

We know! It’s pretty much the best day ever! Good food is never too far out of reach with The Flaming Fish food truck always on the go! Go see if you can catch one of our TWO trucks on your next lunch or dinner break!