Why Are Food Trucks Popular?

Since 2010, many culinary masterminds in Buffalo have decided to turn to food trucks. With the chance to become business owners and serve food on their own terms, the dream was sparked. Each new truck offers diverse menu options, satisfying the tastes of Buffalo food lovers. However, what is it about food trucks that makes Buffalo audiences coming back for more?


Think about the cost of starting your own restaurant. It is not uncommon to invest a pretty penny up-front to get even the most modest of restaurants started. Add in your desired location, lots of square footage and utility costs, your investment amount would be difficult for many starting entrepreneurs to get their hands on. Now think about a food truck. A top of the line, brand new, fully decked out truck will cost a lot less than the amount it would take to open a restaurant. Granted, it will still cost you a significant amount of capital, but the lower fund requirement will make a food truck within reach for many chefs.


People in Buffalo love their food trucks. They are a staple at many of the largest events in the city. Our obsession continues away from the trucks too. We follow our favorites on social media and continuously check where they will be next. With this endless liking, sharing, reviewing, and recommending, it is a no-brainer that trucks have continued to be popular. Even in the winter when there are less outdoor events, Buffalonians will continue to hunt down their favorites to satisfy their cravings.


Mobile food units have been around for ages. It is important to note that serving food from a vehicle is not a new concept at all. Mobile food and concessions stands have been around for decades. They are common staples at fairs, music festivals, and sporting events. What is new is the spin on the business model. More gourmet and innovative foods are now served from the mobile kitchens. Much simpler than running a full kitchen at a restaurant, food trucks are a proven model. With no lease terms to negotiate, and a mobile location, your overhead monthly costs are lower and you don’t need as many employees to operate efficiently. It’s easy with someone accepting orders through a window and a chef preparing the meals.

New Flavors

One of the most exciting things about food trucks are all the flavors and creativity that comes out of it. With a unique menu, food is often served in ways that you did not think of. With food trucks, you can really focus and perfect a few unique menu items. If your product is delicious, then customers will keep coming back for more. At the Flaming Fish, we love incorporating our weekly specials. Every week we pull out an item that is not regularly featured on our menu..

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